About Us – CrossFit Lighthouse and our training methods

About Us – CrossFit Lighthouse

About Us – CrossFit Lighthouse and our training methods

About Us – CrossFit Lighthouse and our training methods, we are located at 2450 Charles Ct N Bellmore, NY 11710

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Our CrossFit Lighthouse in Bellmore New York is double the size of our competitors. CrossFit Lighthouse Gym is a 5000 square foot fitness studio. If you live in Bellmore, Merrick, Wantagh, Seaford, East Meadow, Freeport or Levittown come join our CrossFit Gym and get the treatment and results that you deserve.

CrossFit Lighthouse is a Long Island fitness club that offers groundbreaking workouts within a tight knit community of supportive coaches and members.

Who We Are

CrossFit Lighthouse was launched in April, 2012 by owner Daniel Luffman. After obtaining his Level 1 CrossFit certifications, Sandhaas and Luffman decided to create a Long Island CrossFit training club for people who want to be part of a community, not just members of a gym. At CrossFit Lighthouse, all are welcomed, and it is this spirit of inclusiveness that allows our coaches and members to inspire each other to greater levels of fitness.

Newer and Larger Location

2450 Charles Ct
Bellmore, NY 11710


The Owner Daniel Luffman

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CrossFit Owner, Dan Luffman

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, CrossFit Lighthouse owner and coach Daniel Luffman began CrossFit training in December of 2009 after spending six years in the United States Marine Corps and serving in Operation: Desert Storm. He obtained his CrossFit Level 1 certification in June of 2011 and began teaching at CrossFit Merrick while serving as a detective in the NYPD. Dan retired from the NYPD and in April of 2012, he started helping others reach their physical peak when he opened CrossFit Lighthouse. He holds a CrossFit Level 1 along with CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Kids and USAW Level1 Sports Performance Coach Certifications. In his free time Dan enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, sons and daughter.


The Community

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The CrossFit Community

Dan and the CrossFit Lighthouse community turn out in force for the Citi Field Spartan Race.

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A typical WOD

crossfit training long island, crossfit training new york city

Two CrossFitters; One Purpose!

crossfit training long island, crossfit training new york city

One big happy family!


Our Mission Statement
No matter where you are in your current journey, CrossFit Lighthouse will support and inspire you to reach greater levels of health and fitness.

**Individual results may vary**


*CrossFit lighthouse is the place to be if you want to push your body to the next level. It doesn't matter where your starting point is when it comes to fitness. The coaching staff, along with the people that work-out at CrossFit Lighthouse bring a positive, challenging, invigorating, and addicting atmosphere. Every WOD is hard. Every WOD is challenging. But the hardest part isn't even the workout itself .... It's "walking through the doors". It's coming in proud, knowing you just made the best decision of your life !!!
As soon as you walk into Lighthouse everyone is always excited to see you there. It's never "hey how are you?". But more like "Hey Sammy, what's up dude, Awesome seeing you here, how's the family, how's the job, what's new, are you ready for this WOD"? You can't help it, but find yourself excited knowing you're about to experience something insane, like nothing you've ever experienced before. The challenges become more intense with every second left on the clock, and every drop of sweat that falls from your body to the floor.

The best part about this is that you never feel alone when your working out at Lighthouse. There's always that sense of being a part of a team at Lighthouse. Although it's just you doing the actual WOD, You're never alone working out because not only do you have coaches by your side to make sure that your "form" is perfect - not only are the coaches there to push you, and motivate you, and cheer you on every step of the way - You're never alone because there's always someone next to you experiencing the pain and the determination needed to get to the end of the WOD. There's someone next to you across your left shoulder and right shoulder pushing you to finish this challenge. There's someone there just as hungry to make it to the finish line. It's as if you're running the football for a touchdown and your teammate is there to get you to the "End-zone". I Love that feeling !!!

The coaches are a blessing to have around. They really take their time to explain the workouts and the movements required to hit your goals. Whether it's during the WOD'S, or the specialized classes like Olympic Lifting, they really are passionate and motivating in everything they teach. The coaching staff is always available and approachable if you need help with form, or tips to achieving the next plateau like the "muscle-up".
Some people smile and others cry because everyone knows that when you walk through the doors of CrossFit Lighthouse, you're about to indulge in something fierce, something exhausting, and something worthwhile!!! Working out at CrossFit Lighthouse has not only helped me with reaching my fitness goals, but it has also motivated me outside "the Box". It has helped me with my job and my everyday life becoming mentally strong to endure the next thing. I have developed strong relationships with new friends and motivated old friends to give CrossFit a try. My experience with CrossFit Lighthouse has given me the spark to continue my fitness and become a better person for my co-workers, friends, and family. I thank Jack, Dan, and the rest of the Lighthouse staff for making this experience unbelievable. Can't wait for the next WOD at Lighthouse.
Sam Juarez*

Sam Juarez *Results will vary on each individual*,

Quick Contact Information

2450 Charles Court,
Bellmore, NY 11710.
Phone: 516-308-4070
Fax: 516-809-9949