Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve classes will be 5:45am, 7:30am, 8:45am and 10:00am.

Christmas class will be at 10:30am.

Warmup: Coaches choice

Strength: Front Squat 5×7 @ 70%



CrossFit Dodgeball

  • Each round will be 7 minutes long with 2 minutes of rest between which will allow you to switch sides.
  • If you get hit or if the intended target catches the ball or blocks the ball with another ball you must complete…
    Red ball = 10 push ups
    Blue ball = 10 pull ups
    Purple ball = 10 burpee
    Orange ball= 10 tuck jumps
    Green ball = 10 sit ups
    Before going back into play
  • The coach will keep track of how many people get hit and add a point. The team with the highest points loses.

***You are not allowed to hide behind the pull up station (10 burpees = 1 point). There will be caution tape up from one end of the pull up station to the other, you must stay within those boundaries unless getting a ball or doing the exercises.***

***There might be some other colors of balls. The coach can or clients can pick and exercise.***



*Courage, inspiration and ambition. While they are simple words to say, their execution is no easy task. I walked into CrossFit Lighthouse I in May of 2014 having exhausted the usual gym routines, home personal trainers and multiple home training video’s. Looking around the facility, I saw members engaged in box jumps, pull ups and jump ropes? I knew this was going to be something unique. What I didn’t expect was to be welcomed, embraced and motivated beyond compare.
The courage I drew upon to begin this training regimen was equally matched by my gym-mates, each with their own story, reasons and at a point in their lives wanting to be better. We arrive at CrossFit after approaching life’s crossroad of personal or professional uncertainty. Some are students, young and eager to build a mind and body, to compete, train or perform. Some are young parents, newly enthusiastic about life and the hopeful legacy they nurture. Others like myself with older children, hoping to recapture some youth, strength and physique. Regardless, our endpoint is the same: good health=good life.
Inspiration predominantly comes from the owners, trainers and the facility. The new modern, state of the art facility of Lighthouse II allow Dan and Jack and their brilliant staff to teach, encourage, motivate and compel each member’s improvement. From barely finishing a WOD scaled to ability, my personal progression to Rx, acquiring skills of double-under jump rope, muscle-ups and the endurance achieved has improved my health immensely. The comradery, friendships, encouragement and insights are the Box’s double bonuses.
Ambition in life transcends all we do. Ambition is fueled by self-confidence and achievement. These two elements begin with a daily dose of discipline which I define as simply doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it. Having CrossFit in my day clearly puts the remainder of the day in perspective. Regardless of how imaginative or grand your ambitions are, the physical and mental fitness necessary to achieve them for me are encouraged by CrossFit.*
*Results will vary on each individual*

Dr. Larry Kessler *Results will vary on each individual*,

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