Thursday 7/27/2017

Today we are going to do the United States Marine Corps PFT.

300 will equal a perfect score for both male and female.

Strict Pull Ups

Pull-up.The maximum standards have changed. For the 17-20 year old male the standard to max the PFT has not changed, however from the ages of 25-35 you now have to do 23 pull-ups to max that portion of the fitness test. The goal of the pull-up event is for the Marine to execute as many accurate and complete pull-ups before dropping off the bar. This is not a timed event. The bar must be grasped with both palms facing either forward or to the rear.

For women they will have to do 9 Strict Pull Ups. No kipping allowed (bringing knees up horizontal to waist). One repetition consists of raising the body with the arms until the chin is above the bar, and then lowering the body until the arms are fully extended.

Abdominal Crunch (Men and Woman)

Abdominal Crunch.There is a 2-minute time limit. Marines will lie flat on their back with shoulder blades touching the deck, knees will be bent, and both feet will be flat on the deck. The arms will be folded across the chest or rib cage with no gap existing between the arms and chest/rib cage. A single repetition consists of raising the upper body from the starting position until both forearms or elbows simultaneously touch the thighs, and then returning to the starting position with the shoulder blades touching the deck. An assistant / counter may be used to hold a Marine’s legs or feet. The new Marine aged 17-21 now has to score 105 crunches in 2 minutes to max the test.

Three Mile Run.The goal is for a Marine to complete the measured course as quickly as possible.

This is a timed event. Monitors will call out the split or finishing time as appropriate, as each Marine Male passes. The run scoring has not changed.


So a perfect score for the men will be be 23 pull ups, 115 Crunchers and run 3 miles in 18 minutes. Visit this site to get your exact scores by plugging in your gender, age and results.



So a perfect score for the women will be 10 Strict Pull Ups, 110 Crunchers and a 3 mile run in 21:00 minutes. Visit this site to get your exact scores by plugging in your gender, age and results.





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