STRENGTH   Backsquat.  5 reps @ 60% of max  4 @ 70% 3@ 80% 2 @ 90%  Max out

In the style of  “Fight gone bad”  the stations will be

Calorie Row

Ring Push up

Shuffle Run

Air Squat

Sit Up

You need to continuosly count up as you go from station to station.  At the end of the first five stations you will rest for one minute and give your score to your coach.  your score is the total of all 3 rounds.




*When I first started Crossfit Lighthouse I was at my heaviest weight of 210lbs. I realized how unhappy I was with myself and decided to make a change. I wanted and needed a healthier lifestyle, so I contacted my best friend and now coach Amanda. She encouraged me to join Crossfit and reassured me that I would succeed. She gave me the push that I needed to take the next step. One of the hardest things for me was just showing up. However, once I was there I instantly fell in love with the coaches, DEEZ, people and the environment. From then on I have grown more confident and have lost over 70 lbs. every morning I go to Crossfit I push myself harder and joining was one the best decisions I have ever made. I have participated in races, which is something I never thought I could do. Cmc, savage race, and tough mudder are three of my proudest accomplishments. I never would of been able to achieve any of this without my "family" at Crossfit lighthouse!*
Anjelyne Kiernan *Results will vary on each individual*,

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