WOD for Sunday 5/26/2013

Memorial Day Murph

Lt Michael Patrick Murphy. U.S Navy Seal

June 28th 2005

Lt Murphy’s 4 man seal team was engaged by enemy combatant Taliban forces of between 30 and 40. During the seige, the primary communications device was damaged. Lt Murphy Knowingly put himself in harms way and left his postion of cover to get to open ground in order to communicate with his commanders to request support. Drawing fire away from his team Lt Murphy successfully communicated details to his commanders while continuing to engage enemy forces. Lt Murphy was wounded and continued to return fire until he could no longer. Lt Murphy was mortally wounded and died on June 28th 2005
Lt Murphy is the first service member to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Thank You to all current and past service men and woman and your families from all the services. We are forever gratefull for all the Sacrifices you have made in the service of this Great Nation.


*Well, maybe its an addiction. Almost four months ago, July 1st to be exact, I decided to get my health back in order and get myself into better shape. I joined an intense (extreme?) workout regiment called CrossFit. For those that have spoken/seen me in that last few months, they know I cannot shut up about it. Well, one of the guys in my "Box" wrote an interesting piece on his website regarding his first 3 months as a CrossFit member. His articulate article puts everything I feel/experienced about CrossFit in one piece. If you have time and/or are thinking of getting back into shape, or if you are physically fit and are looking for a new physical challenge, I highly suggest you read the article.

November 1st will be my 120th day as a CrossFit member. To date, I am just shy of losing 30lbs. The weight loss, however, doesn't tell the whole story. The amount of lean muscle mass put on has been equally impressive. I hope to hit my goal by next week.


PS. My wife joined as well for moral support & in the process has gotten hooked too.*

Miguel Torres - Addiction vs. Obsession *Results will vary on each individual*,

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